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Handcrafted in Bozeman, MT, USA   


Sustainably handcrafted custom and signature skis.


Skiing is our way of life. We came to Bozeman for school, which meant University of Bridger Bowl. We stayed here because of 17” Wednesdays, saluting the whale on the way up. There is nothing we love more than skiing, except our families. So if we can make skiing better (somehow) while providing for those families, we’re all in.

For us, it’s meant staying small, because we wanted to do things our way. We make skis for real people, not committees or quotas. Our business decisions are based on sustainability and our own ethics, which don’t include “cheap” or “easy”. We take the time to do things right, inspect every pair, and give back to the sport that gave us so much.

Seneca Skis was founded by Eric Newman, former racer, master ski crafter, and kinda shy nice guy. Since 2008, we’ve followed his one guiding principal: do anything you can to help skiers love skiing even more.

Made in Montana. Made in America.

We handcraft our skis from start to finish in Bozeman, Montana. We employ local skiers, outfit local riders, and test our wares on local slopes. Ski factories should support ski towns, because ski towns support skiers. (And nobody supports skiers like Eagle Mount, which is where we kick in where we can, too.)

We hand-select each and every piece of wood we use, choosing only from wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC-certified hardwoods are ethically grown, sustainably harvested, and ultimately biodegradable, so they’re easier on people, forests, landfills, and how we sleep at night.

We cut 20–40% of the usual plastic from our skis, replacing it instead with FSC-certified hardwoods. That means less plastic in the landfill, a livelier rebound in the sidewall, and the biggie: about a pound of weight savings in every pair.