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All-Mountain Ski

Because the weatherman’s winging it.


All Mountain Ski


Ready for the whims of the West. Cold smoke, chowder, chop, sweet corn, death cookies, cream cheese, corduroy—this ski crushes your standard Montana Tuesday. The aggressive sidecut and deep flex hold a strong edge while you carve hardpack, then the lightweight construction floats you across hidden powder pockets. Bottom line: if you ski no matter what the weatherman says, this one’s for you.

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    I skied the prototypes for these all year. Kids skied over the wooden topsheet all season and they still look great. Maneuverable and nimble in a ll conditions, but wide enough to float in most conditions. Awesome!
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Turn it up.

Our X-tip rocker extends the shape of the ski’s tip, enhancing turn initiation and
buoying floatation while eliminating grab factor.

165cm 132/98/118 R=16m
175cm 132/98/118 R=18m
185cm 132/98/118 R=21m 

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