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Backcountry Ski

Uphill battles call for downhill spoils.

Backcountry Ski


Up in smoke. Down in flames. Our backcountry plank charges hard in both directions, thanks to both aerospace-grade carbon fiber and fiberglass, a balanced biocore, and deep-carving edge. We believe torsional stiffness, extreme durability and a responsive ride shouldn’t be limited to the frontcountry. Which is why you might find yourself bringing these on heli trips, mountaineering expeditions, cat tours, and resort runs, too.

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    My perfect backcountry ski! Lightweight and tough. I'm confident every time I find myself in the backcountry, these skis get me in and always get me out. Plus the carbon fiber looks badass!
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Carbon fiber: cleared for launch.

At three times the strength of fiberglass and half the weight, our carbon fiber is good stuff. (Better be. We source it from the same supplier as NASA and Boeing.) We think it’s worth putting on display, so our signature backcountry ski comes finished with a clear topsheet to reveal tip-to-tail carbon fiber construction.

145cm 138/110/126 R=23m
175cm 140/110/128 R=23m
185cm 145/110/130 R=23m

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