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Freeride Ski

Our cliff-hucking powder pig can carve, too.

Freeride Ski


For powder-chasers, cornice-jumpers, and steep-seekers. Float through the morning pow supply, crank through the leftover chop, then scour the trees for last call shots (and stumps worth hucking). Between the fat waist, the cliff-ready tail, and the crud-busting shovel, our lightweight Freeride ski makes it hard to quit. Although, we might quit changing the recipe. After 10 years of testing and tweaking, the Freeride stands as our customers’ favorite.

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    Everything a free ride ski should be. Held up in all the conditions Montana threw at us. Had an epic season on them. Perfect ski for this area.
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One ski. A quiver’s worth of turning
radiuses—on demand.

When you hit the hardpack, our FlexAct Rocker progressively engages more edge, keeping you stable. But when you’re riding powder, FlexAct dials that effective edge back for a ride that’s light and loose. We build FlexAct with computer modeling and flex testing, but all you have to do is ski as usual.

165cm 138/115/126 R=23m
175cm 140/115/128 R=23m
185cm 145/115/130 R=23m

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