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Fully-Custom Ski

Like nothing you’ve ever skied before.
(Unless you already have your own personal ski crafter.)


Fully-Custom Ski

$1,800.00, Deposit $900.00

Crafted precisely for you, within 1/10th of a millimeter. These skis break the mold—literally. Each one is an all-out quest to answer your ski style exactly: we build new molds, source unusual materials, bust out secret tech, and whatever else it takes to make these skis yours. Custom graphics are just the icing—how your own custom ski rides is what takes the cake.

Note: if you like the wood topsheets of our skis, no pressure to customize graphics. We occasionally have limited runs of specialty wood available to custom customers, too.

  • First Step: Please schedule a shop call. You can pay for your ski online, but please contact the shop to start the process.

    Scroll down to learn more about the process!
  • While our semi-custom skis rely on in-house materials and pre-determined spec options, our custom skis are limitless. They take a bit longer to build than our semi-customs as we may need to hunt down rare materials, build and test new dimensions, see you ski in action, and of course, add graphics.
  • Will I have final say before you start building my fully-custom skis?
    Yes. We won’t start your skis until we’ve gotten your deposit and approval to roll. Schedule a call here.

    How does the deposit work for my fully-custom skis?
    We start your fully-custom ski once we get your non-refundable 50% deposit. You’ll pay the second half (as well as any needed shipping) once the skis are finished. We’ll shoot you an email so you can pay online, or swing by the shop to square up and get your skis.
    See all FAQs here
  • Customer Reviews

    Knowledgable, completely custom

    Awesome experience from start to finish. Eric took the time to create the ski I had envisioned, topsheets and all. Won't ski on anything else.
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How it works


You schedule a call or stop by to tell us about you.
(48 hours)


You email us your graphics,
if desired. 
(48 hours)

Ski Design:

We work together on the phone, in the shop, even on the snow to exhaustively develop the perfect ski just for you.
(depends, but once we have all the info, we try to get you a design 48 to 72 hours later)


You ask us anything.
Tweaks if necessary.

(usually two weeks or less)


Pay your 50% deposit online or in the shop
to greenlight the build.

Ski Build:

Sawdust flies. We handcraft, inspect, and sign your skis. 
(seasonally dependent)*

Final Payment:

We square up (including shipping) in the shop or online.

Ship / Pick-Up:

We pack n’ ship your Senecas, or you pick them up. 
You get bindings mounted (we can help) and go shred.
(once paid for, we normally ship your skis via UPS within 24 hours)

* Pro tip: order in the off-season, and we can flip your skis sooner.

How we dial skis to .1 millimeter

Our skis are handcrafted, but there’s one machine we consider our holy grail: the Computer Numeric Controller. Our CNC cuts out ski bases and mills their flex, in any design we can dream up, within 1/10th of millimeter. It’s rare for a small shop to own one, but worth it—both for the precision, and for the planet-friendly waste-savings.

Customer Reviews

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